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Check Your WordPress Site For Malware

Did you know that most hackers don't attack with the intention of taking down your website? The majority will not even want you to know that they have interfered with your site. Instead, they will discreetly implement malware that can harm your brand, business and reputation irreparably. Some examples of what they can do include:


Phishing for usernames, passwords and credit card details


Making visitors download malware by injecting malicious scripts on your website.


Setting up a backdoor, monitoring user activity, stealing sensitive input information from forms.


Redirecting your visitors to a site with malware.

The scariest thing is that sometimes a website owner can go months without realising that their webpage security has been compromised. For this reason, it's important to scan your Wordpress site for malware regularly. Siteguard's WordPress scanner will help you keep on top of security threats by checking your Wordpress site for malware. It'll also determine your current risk level.

And, if your site's already been compromised? Don't worry. We can help you clean up your hacked WordPress site too. Get in touch today to find out more about our cyber security options.

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