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Terms of Use

1. General Overview

This Acceptable Use Policy has been developed by NJ Ventures Pty Ltd, trade as SiteGuard - as a way to communicate the rights and responsibilities of customers when using SiteGuard's services. This document serves to clarify or expand upon the provisions covered in this agreement. This is not a static document. Instead, it will be revised in the future whenever the Acceptable Use Policy is updated.

2. Scope

Any use of any SiteGuard product or service falls under the jurisdiction of this acceptable use policy.

3. Purpose

The purpose and aim of this document is to ensure that SiteGuard's services are safeguarded against irresponsible use which could diminish the experience for other users. The policy is also designed to offer an element of protection against dishonest, disreputable, malicious or risky internet behaviour as a whole. ensuring all users can utilise SiteGuard, and the internet at large, in a safe manner.

4. Prohibited Activity

This section of the document outlines what SiteGuard users and customers may not do:

  1. Users may not utilise SiteGuard to perform any sort of illegal activity. This activity includes - but is not limited to:
    1. Copying any sort of copyrightable media or material without approval from the relevant license holder or content owner.
    2. Infringing legal provisions - such as patents and trademarks - or violating any other party's intellectual property rights.
    3. Using SiteGuard to disseminate or spread illegal materials, such as obscene publications and other illegal material. This includes using SiteGuard to traffic controlled substances, encourage illegal gambling, or insight any behaviour prohibited by law.
    4. Using SiteGuard to violate export control laws in Australia. For example, using our services to sell encryption software overseas.
    5. Using SiteGuard to alter message headers, to make it appear that the message has come from another source
    6. Using SiteGuard in a way that breaks any law applicable within Australia or within the relevant territory.
  2. Users may not utilise SiteGuard in a way which violates the tort law of the relevant state, territory or country. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Spreading information which is tantamount to slander, libel or defamation under Australian law. Taking any action which is seen to violate the privacy or threaten the safety of any other party. Publishing personal information about an individual without their prior authorisation.
    2. Utilising SiteGuard in a way which is considered disruptive or abusive under the terms of the law. This includes but is not limited to:
      1. Using SiteGuard's services to impair the ability of other users to access these services or access the internet in general, or to threaten to carry out the above.
      2. Using SiteGuard's services to breach SiteGuard security or to harm the function of SiteGuard in any manner, or to help others to do the same.
      3. Using SiteGuard's services to deliver SiteGuard access to any one without authorisation, include any passwords, passcodes, or any other information which can be used for access.
      4. Using SiteGuard's services to access the SiteGuard system of any other user without prior authorisation.
      5. Using SiteGuard's services to fraudulently copy the signature or any identifying information of another user or other person, to fraudulently represent yourself as another user or person, or to attempt to mislead others into thinking that you are another user or person.
      6. Using SiteGuard's services to spread viruses, malware, worm software, Trojan software or any other malicious software designed to disrupt access or to act illegally.
      7. Using SiteGuard's services to initiate a port scan or to access or disrupt any server to which you do not have authorised access.
      8. Using SiteGuard's services to spread unsolicited material or to SPAM any other user or person.
      9. Using SiteGuard's services to collect emails and/or contact information for use in unsolicited communication - commercial or non-commercial - or SPAM.
      10. Using SiteGuard's services in any way which may incur regulatory penalties or legal action against SiteGuard. This includes damaging SiteGuard's public reputation in any way, including but not limited to sexually explicit material, hate speech against any ethnic, racial or social group, or any sort of harassment. SiteGuard reserves the right to the final decision on what constitutes harmful material or reputation damage.
      11. Any attempt to attack or damage SiteGuard's communication and support channels - including email, forums, fax and phone lines or any other means by which SiteGuard may offer support or contact.
      12. Using SiteGuard's services to intercept or to disrupt the internet use of any other SiteGuard user or other person.

5. Violations

  1. Disclaimer. SiteGuard does not have any obligation to examine and assess its customers usage of SiteGuard services beyond this document. Any users who violate this acceptable usage policy do so with fair warning, and SiteGuard does not accept responsibility for any such action.
  2. Reporting Non-Copyright Violations. SiteGuard users are requested to report any violations of any of the articles listed in this acceptable use policy to the following email address: support@siteguard.com. Users should put the domain name of the user they wish to report in the subject line of the email.
  3. Remedies. Upon receiving a report against a user, SiteGuard reserves the right to respond in the following ways:
    1. Provide a warning to the users, and/or
    2. Impose a suspension on the user, and/or
    3. Terminate the user's contract with SiteGuard, and/or
    4. Pursue fees, charges and damages from the user, according to their service contract, and/or
    5. Take any other relevant action, including bringing legal charges against the offending user.

6. Reservation of rights

SiteGuard retains the right to work with any legal institution should illegal activity be conducted by one of our users. SiteGuard retains the right to bring the full force of the law against any user who is in violation of this acceptable use policy. The SiteGuard team may use software and hardware to monitor activity and communication across the network to ensure that the provisions of this document are being up held. By using SiteGuard's services, users agree to the terms laid out in this authorised use policy document.